About Me

How it all started

In 2010, he finished his Quran memorization journey and became a hafiz of the Quran from a renowned Islamic institute in Lahore.

In 2014, He started his journey toward the path of Allah, which lead him to the discovery of mesmerizing voice and the ability to cover 5 Islamic novels in his own voice.

In 2015, the unstoppable journey of voice-over started which lead him to voice over 1000+ audios and videos of many renowned Islamic scholars.

The same year, he also became a part of YOUTH CLUB.

He is currently finishing his degree of B.S in Islamic studies from an international Islamic university and at the same time, he is working as a Media team lead at YOUTH CLUB HQ.

In 2019, He instituted The Arabic Guide channel, in which he taught Arabic in a unique way.

He likes to call himself a “Filmmaker” who happens to teach Arabic as well. With a wide range of interests, he enjoys reading and writing. He has immense love for Islamic and Arabic language teaching.