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Arabic Master Class (Part 1)

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About Course

Course Outline and Curriculum:


Duration: 12-18 months (3 Parts)


The primary objective of this course is to enable students to comprehend and engage with the Arabic language, with a specific focus on understanding the Quran and Salah. The course is structured to progressively build language skills, starting from basic comprehension to advanced grammar, including “Nahw” and “Sarf.”


Part 1: Foundations of Arabic Language (3 months)
– Introduction to Arabic basic pronunciation.
– Basic Arabic grammar concepts.
– Reading, writing, and speaking exercises to enhance practical skills.
– Emphasis on Quranic verses and Salah-related vocabulary.
– Quizzes to assess progress.
– Monthly progress reports and a 2 monthly live session for questions.
– Non-physical completion certificate upon finishing Part 1.
-Course Book: “Al Arabiyah lin Nashi’een – Part 1”


Part 2: Intermediate Arabic Language Skills (4-5 months)
– Advanced grammar concepts and sentence structure.
– Extensive reading and comprehension exercises using Quranic passages.
– Further development of writing and speaking skills.
– Integration of selected Quranic Ayaats for in-depth understanding.
– Regular quizzes and progress tracking.
– Monthly live sessions for direct interaction.
– Non-physical completion certificate upon finishing Part 2.
-Course Book: “Al Arabiyah lin Nashi’een – Part 2”


Part 3: Advanced Arabic Grammar and Quranic Analysis (6 months)
– In-depth study of Arabic grammar, covering both “Nahw” and “Sarf.”
– Progressive exploration of advanced topics in the Arabic language.
– Immersive learning with Quranic Ayaats for advanced comprehension.
– Short, focused lessons (15-25 mins) for easy grasp of complex concepts.
– Monthly progress reports and regular quizzes for evaluation.
– Two live sessions per month for direct teacher-student interaction.
– Non-physical completion certificate upon finishing Part 3.
– Physical certificate upon completion of all three parts.


Course Features:
– On-demand video lessons for flexible learning anytime.
– 2 downloadable course books for comprehensive study material.
– Full lifetime access to course content.
– Access on mobile and TV for convenient learning.


– Internet access for online learning.
– Access to a laptop, computer, or mobile phone.
– Downloadable coursebooks available on the site.
– Notebook for taking notes during lessons.
– Basic Urdu language knowledge to understand the course material.


This structured course ensures a comprehensive understanding of the Arabic language, emphasizing its practical application in reading the Quran and performing Salah. Students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace with on-demand videos and lifetime access to course content, supported by downloadable course books for comprehensive study.

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Tayyab Ejaz
13 hours ago
Alhamdullilah this course was so easy to grasp. Helped me so much in learning Arabic in such a short time, even with a lot of work/other activities going on.
14 hours ago
Alhamdulillahi Rabbilalameen it is a very lovely and blessed experience.... our ustad also explained it in a very easy way.... Ur way of teaching is very unique.. Alhamdulillah i enjoyed it alot....Allah aaapki is khair ko qubool frmaaye aur wo aapse raazi hojaayein aur ilm m majed barkat ata frmaayee....
3 days ago
it was excellent I enjoyed taking classes and learned a lot jazakAllah khair ustaz
4 days ago
4 days ago
This course is too much good Masha Allah.It will help to understand QURAN easily IN SHA ALLAH
Alhamdulillah it was a very good course. Sheikh Muzzamil taught very nicely. JazakAllahu kharan kaseera.
4 days ago
Learning Arabic has always been a challenge, but thanks to the efforts of the Arabic Guide team and our respected teacher, it has become an easy task. Thank you so much for your constant motivation and guidance through these videos, I have been able to complete my first course. I highly recommend these courses to my family, friends and colleagues for a better understanding of the Arabic language, which is a gateway to learning the Noble Quran. Best Regards
4 days ago
Alhumdulillah I have learned the basics of arabic through this course without getting bored for even 1 second. Very interactive and interesting course.
5 days ago
I just finished it with the help of allah .I am doing a six year aalima course and this course helped me a lot in the current aalima course especially in our arabic grammar subjects .I knew a lot of words already in those books.which is first thanks to allah and then to you. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahe wabarakatuhu..
6 days ago
Alhamdulillah I've done this with the mercy of Allah. Muzamil Bhai's teaching style and overall infrastructure of this course is amazing. The dialogues, exercises, and quizzes helped me a lot. Though i already knew some basics of Arabic language. But this Master class (part-1) broadened my knowledge beyond expectations. InshaAllah I'll continue this beautiful journey with part-2.. جَزَاكَ ٱللَّٰهُ خَيْرًا
The Best Online Arabic Course... Alhamdulilah
1 week ago
Alhamdulillah it was good. I request you to add a little oral practice dialogues of our daily lives... Few lectures specifically for oral practice of everyday life Arabic... And do add counting summary in these lectures.. that will help students a lot... JazakAllah
1 week ago
Had a very good learning experience. Really recommend it to beginners who want to learn Arabic in easy way.
1 week ago
Excellent superb
2 weeks ago
Assalamualaikum mujhy lagta tha Arabic bht zaida mushkil hai jesa k logo sy suna tha k grammar bht mushkil hai lakin jesay yaha paryahaya jata hai is tarha Arabi seekhna bht asaan hai Allah pak ap ko jazae khair ata kery ameen
3 weeks ago
Good course for Starters, After completing this course, i can translate and understand many words and sentences that are being used in real life. Still a long way to go.
3 weeks ago
I have never thought that i will complete this one day. I couldn't even think of joining it. But after i joined this course, i felt it so useful and very easy. I am so happy that i joined this course and completed it. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah
3 weeks ago
it was super good and i enjoyed alot during learning. JazakAllah Khair ya Ustaz for making the Arabic this easy to learn for the beginners
3 weeks ago
Alhumdulillah, blessed beyond limits. Please offer the download feature for the videos to be available offline
3 weeks ago
easy to understand and apply with slow-paced approach

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