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Arabic Master Class (Part 2)

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About Course

Course Outline and Curriculum:


Duration: 12-18 months (3 Parts)


The primary objective of this course is to enable students to comprehend and engage with the Arabic language, with a specific focus on understanding the Quran and Salah. The course is structured to progressively build language skills, starting from basic comprehension to advanced grammar, including “Nahw” and “Sarf.”


Part 1: Foundations of Arabic Language (3 months)
– Introduction to Arabic basic pronunciation.
– Basic Arabic grammar concepts.
– Reading, writing, and speaking exercises to enhance practical skills.
– Emphasis on Quranic verses and Salah-related vocabulary.
– Quizzes to assess progress.
– Monthly progress reports and a 2 monthly live session for questions.
– Non-physical completion certificate upon finishing Part 1.
-Course Book: “Al Arabiyah lin Nashi’een – Part 1”


Part 2: Intermediate Arabic Language Skills (4-5 months)
– Advanced grammar concepts and sentence structure.
– Extensive reading and comprehension exercises using Quranic passages.
– Further development of writing and speaking skills.
– Integration of selected Quranic Ayaats for in-depth understanding.
– Regular quizzes and progress tracking.
– Monthly live sessions for direct interaction.
– Non-physical completion certificate upon finishing Part 2.
-Course Book: “Al Arabiyah lin Nashi’een – Part 2”


Part 3: Advanced Arabic Grammar and Quranic Analysis (6 months)
– In-depth study of Arabic grammar, covering both “Nahw” and “Sarf.”
– Progressive exploration of advanced topics in the Arabic language.
– Immersive learning with Quranic Ayaats for advanced comprehension.
– Short, focused lessons (15-25 mins) for easy grasp of complex concepts.
– Monthly progress reports and regular quizzes for evaluation.
– Two live sessions per month for direct teacher-student interaction.
– Non-physical completion certificate upon finishing Part 3.
– Physical certificate upon completion of all three parts.


Course Features:
– On-demand video lessons for flexible learning anytime.
– 2 downloadable course books for comprehensive study material.
– Full lifetime access to course content.
– Access on mobile and TV for convenient learning.


– Internet access for online learning.
– Access to a laptop, computer, or mobile phone.
– Downloadable coursebooks available on the site.
– Notebook for taking notes during lessons.
– Basic Urdu language knowledge to understand the course material.


This structured course ensures a comprehensive understanding of the Arabic language, emphasizing its practical application in reading the Quran and performing Salah. Students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace with on-demand videos and lifetime access to course content, supported by downloadable course books for comprehensive study.

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Course Content

Section 1

  • Unit 1 – Topic : Introduction
  • Unit 2 – Reading chapter of topic : Introduction
  • Unit 3 – Exercises of topic : Introduction
  • Unit 4 – Topic : Al Umrah
  • Unit 5 – Exercises of topic : Al Umrah
  • Unit 6 – Reading chapter of topic : Al Umrah
  • Unit 7 – Exercises of topic : Al Umrah
  • Unit 8 – Why Allah wants us to thank Him?
  • Unit 9 – Topic : In house
  • Unit 10 – Exercises of topic : In house
  • Unit 11 – Reading chapter of topic : In house
  • Unit 12 – Allah is talking to you.
  • QUIZ NO. 1
  • Unit 13 – Topic : In Garden
  • Unit 14 – Exercises of topic : In Garden
  • Unit 15 – Exercises of topic : In Garden
  • Unit 16 – Reading chapter of topic : In Garden
  • Unit 17 – Exercises of topic : In Garden
  • Unit 18 – You can’t do it without Sabr
  • Unit 19 – Again, why are you learning Arabic?
  • Unit 20 – Topic : Place of living
  • Unit 21 – Exercises of topic : place of living
  • Unit 22 – Reading exercise of topic : place of living
  • Unit 23 – Exercises of topic : place of living
  • Unit 24 – Topic : Revision
  • Unit 25 – Exercises of topic : Revision
  • Unit 26 – Reading exercise of topic : Revision
  • Unit 27 – Exercises of topic : Revision
  • QUIZ NO. 2

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Student Ratings & Reviews

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40 Ratings
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3 days ago
Alhamdulillah sooo happy to complte this course Jazak Allah khair ustaz ji for this life changing course looking forward for remaning units shukr Alhamdulillah didnt thought i'd be able to come this far Allah has been really kind for making it easy for me Jazakum Allah to my ustaz ji nd TAG team🥺❣️
2 weeks ago
The best course ever!
2 weeks ago
Al-Hamdolillah the designed course is very good, it is my personal desire that every muslim should learn arabic atleast of the level where he directly could understand Al-Quran and Al-Hadith.
3 weeks ago
I have had a great experience. Everything is very well explained. Highly recommended by me
1 month ago
ALL praise to ALLAH . fun filled and easy going classes. effectively designed . appreciate every bit of it, THANKS SIR.
1 month ago
There is a great effort to teach Arabic language.MashaAllah
2 months ago
Interactive engaging and motivating training that build your connection with the Arabic language.
2 months ago
2 months ago
an amazing course to start learning Arabic from scratch
Rana Abdul Rafay
2 months ago
I struggled finding connection with Allah till yet, till now shaitan lures us by do we need this course? Or do we have the ability to do it? Ignore it! And be strong because once you start understanding those till yet unfamiliar words in your ears in mosques you will experience that immense satisfaction and inner peace of Allah's relationship with you! insha'Allah!
2 months ago
Jazakallah ustaaz
Hira Alaudin
3 months ago
مجھے عربی ہمیشہ سے پہاڑ کی طرح لگتی تھی۔ سکول میں بھی پاسنگ مارکس مشکل سے آتے تھے۔ پر میں حیران ہوں مزمل سر کے پڑھانے کے انداز سے مجھے لگتا ہے میں یہ کر سکتی ہوں۔ میں نے پارٹی ون ڈرتے ڈرتے کیا تھا اپلائی کہ پتا نہیں مجھ سے ہوگا بھی کہ نہیں پر پارٹی ٹو کانفیڈینٹ سے کیا ہے کہ مزمل بھائی کرا سکتے ہیں۔ اللہ پاک بہت بہت بہت برکت دے سر کو اتنا اچھا کام کر رہے ہیں۔ میری زندگی کے بہترین اساتذہ میں سے ایک مزمل سر ہیں۔ جزاک اللّہ سر۔
I recommend this course to everyone, the best thing about this course is that it is easily accessible which helps to stay consistent, Muzammil bhai and his team try their best to not make this course boring. Alhamdulillah for this course and at this point (Midway Part 2) I can understand many verses of Quran. So I would definitely recommend this course.
Aqsa Masood
4 months ago
الحمدللّٰہ , with a lot of Allah pak's blessings I've completed part 2. Learnt so many things in a very good way by our best teacher Sir Muzammil Ahmad, Allah pak always keep the whole Arabic guide team in the list of His beloved ones Ameen.. Now when I recite the Quran pak, I understand the words of Subhaan Allah as Allah pak directly talking to us, I feel so blessed,I recommend this course to every you.
5 months ago
I have completed 2 sections of this course and started a lot of words in Quran. the best decision of 2023. totally satisfied. cant wait to finish this amazing course
Amna Maham
5 months ago
I gave myself the best gift by enrolling in this course in 2023. Alhumdolilah MashaALLAH la quwwata illa billah.As an Arabic Learner,I recommend this course to all those who want to learn Arabic. Rather, we should all become students of Arabic because it is the language of the Qur'an, please join us at the Arabic guide you will not regret it InshaALLAH.Sir Muzamil's way of teaching Arabic is very good. besides Arabic, we learn so many good things about Qur'an and Deen. like gor o fikar on Ayaah. Sir also gives alot of good advice and encouragement which really help us to learn Arabic and deen.May ALLAH TA'ALA bless the entire team of The Arabic Guide.
Amna Nazli
5 months ago
You will feel like a chosen ONE after entering this course!
5 months ago
This course was very beneficial for me. After completing this course I have realized that it's not just helped me learn Arabic grammer but also helped me understand the Quran in a very best way.
Shazia Malik
5 months ago
Aleena Zahid
3 months ago
Assalam o alaikum It was my childhood dream to learn Arabic but I couldn't find any teacher who would teach me from scratch. When I took classes from the Arabic guide, I started to understand everything easily. Now within just five months Alhamdulilah The Qur'an is understandable to a great extent and its all because of USTAZ MUZAMMIL AHMED may Allah bless him forever and mine suggestion for new comers is that you should join the course and IN SHA ALLAH you will never be disappointed .

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