Combo Class (Part 1 , Part 2)

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About Course

Course Outline and Curriculum:


Duration: 12-18 months (3 Parts)


The primary objective of this course is to enable students to comprehend and engage with the Arabic language, with a specific focus on understanding the Quran and Salah. The course is structured to progressively build language skills, starting from basic comprehension to advanced grammar, including “Nahw” and “Sarf.”


Part 1: Foundations of Arabic Language (3 months)
– Introduction to Arabic basic pronunciation.
– Basic Arabic grammar concepts.
– Reading, writing, and speaking exercises to enhance practical skills.
– Emphasis on Quranic verses and Salah-related vocabulary.
– Quizzes to assess progress.
– Monthly progress reports and a 2 monthly live session for questions.
– Non-physical completion certificate upon finishing Part 1.
-Course Book: “Al Arabiyah lin Nashi’een – Part 1”


Part 2: Intermediate Arabic Language Skills (4-5 months)
– Advanced grammar concepts and sentence structure.
– Extensive reading and comprehension exercises using Quranic passages.
– Further development of writing and speaking skills.
– Integration of selected Quranic Ayaats for in-depth understanding.
– Regular quizzes and progress tracking.
– Monthly live sessions for direct interaction.
– Non-physical completion certificate upon finishing Part 2.
-Course Book: “Al Arabiyah lin Nashi’een – Part 2”


Part 3: Advanced Arabic Grammar and Quranic Analysis (6 months)
– In-depth study of Arabic grammar, covering both “Nahw” and “Sarf.”
– Progressive exploration of advanced topics in the Arabic language.
– Immersive learning with Quranic Ayaats for advanced comprehension.
– Short, focused lessons (15-25 mins) for easy grasp of complex concepts.
– Monthly progress reports and regular quizzes for evaluation.
– Two live sessions per month for direct teacher-student interaction.
– Non-physical completion certificate upon finishing Part 3.
– Physical certificate upon completion of all three parts.


Course Features:
– On-demand video lessons for flexible learning anytime.
– 2 downloadable course books for comprehensive study material.
– Full lifetime access to course content.
– Access on mobile and TV for convenient learning.


– Internet access for online learning.
– Access to a laptop, computer, or mobile phone.
– Downloadable coursebooks available on the site.
– Notebook for taking notes during lessons.
– Basic Urdu language knowledge to understand the course material.


This structured course ensures a comprehensive understanding of the Arabic language, emphasizing its practical application in reading the Quran and performing Salah. Students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace with on-demand videos and lifetime access to course content, supported by downloadable course books for comprehensive study.

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